About me



My name is Lili Andrea Puentes.

You will usually find me in yoga pants , a pony tail , clutching a mug of coffee,
cooking or in front of my computer.
My four sons are my rock.  A Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in one of my boys when he was just 2, rekindled my passion in the world of Nutrition. This knowledge I extended to the rest of the family as I believe that by creating good habits in the family is the garantie of having a prosperous, happy and positive life.

I am a registered Nutritionist and Dietitian –  Health and Nutrition Coach.

My goal is to EDUCATE into the benefits of good food habits.

I would love to inspire your family to adopt good nutritional eating.

The human body is complex.  It needs an understanding of the adaption of Primary Foods to effect the ultimate in healthy living.

Primary Food 

1.Spiritual practice  (loving yourself and taking care of yourselve)
2. Healthy relationships
3. Career (stress less)
4. Regular physical activity (sweet more often)
5. Sleep (sleep deep)

Why do I call it Primary Food?

Is more than what is on your plate. This experiences and practices can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When primary food is balanced and satiating your life feeds you , making you eat secondary.

My history

When I was a teenager I was a little overweigh having knee problems. One day my mother took me to the orthopedist.  The doctor told me that I had to loose weight otherwise I will have knee surgery.

From that moment I took my weight and health seriously.  I started to do exercises in my mums living room.  I skipped and completed abdominals for 30 mins every day.  Bread disappeared and in its place vegetables and meat became my diet. I had little knowledge in my quest for a successful diet. On finishing school, I went to University and studied a Bachelor in Sciences with a title of Nutritionist and Dietitian.

After working in different fields , living in different countries and becoming a mother I realised that Nutrition is my passion. The father of my sons and one of them with type 1 Diabetes made me have the urge to change habits for the whole family in a way that we could have a healthy and balance life.

I love kids and people and I want to be a good influence for your families.

Who is my message for?

• Families or individuals who don’t know how to have healthy habits in their household.
• Families or individuals with Type 1 diabetes.
• Families who would like to lose weight without dieting.
• Individuals with heart problems and related illness like high cholesterol, high blood pressure.
• Individuals or families with Intestinal Bowel Disease (IBS) or any digestive problem.

I will be educating towards a plant based diet for the whole family with the intention to slowly crowding in natural, raw ingredients into your daily life.
” When we make one healthy choice , we open the door for every additional that follows


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