What to eat in a birthday party?

I have put a few kilos on after the winter season. I feel terrible, my pants and jeans are getting tighter and specially my right leg is the one that grows more for some reason.

I am thinking how I am going to do to get rid of this extra kilos when I have to socialize and enjoy at the same time.

This is what I do when I want to control my appetite, specially before going to a getting together. First I have green tea but not just one cup I do have at least two cups and If I am so hungry  I have a plate of protein (protein fill you up), like cheese and a cup of tea with a citrus fruit like mandarin, orange or kiwi fruit. Citrus have little contain of carbohydrates. What happens is like you will feel comfortable and not in a rush to eat whatever is in front of you.

When you arrive to the party or celebration, make sure you have a plate full of  fresh leafy greens, a little portion of carbohydrates(potato, rice, bread, couscous,pasta) like half size of the palm of the hand and a portion of protein. This could be animal source or vegetable source. I am vegetarian so I choose eggs in this plate.

So always remember be mindful when you eat and indulge yourself in healthy food.When you get the habit of eating healthy your craving will be less and your sugar craving will be less.

Hope this is useful.

With health & love!



Published by AndreaP

I am passionate about food and nutrition. Originally from Bogota -Colombia currently living in New Zealand. I am a Nutritionist & Dietitian. After becoming a mum and working in different areas like education, banking and sales, I came to the realisation that I wanted to come back to what I loved and what I have passion for this is Health and Nutrition. In September 2016 I started my online course with the biggest nutrition school in America called Institute of Integrative Nutrition( IIN). The Institute of Integrative Nutrition has given me the knowledge and support about Nutrition in a Holistic way. I have never thought that this would be possible, but after a year I realised that definitely secondary food (food that is on the plate) is part of the puzzle of health and happiness. There is something called primary food which are the pillars that together contribute to a better wellbeing and a better nutrition. Relationships, spirituality, career and exercise plus a having good sleep habits can contribute to a better YOU. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and I am looking forward to taking you on this journey of better habits and a prosperous life. Always smile with gratitude! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you get to know me. AndreaP

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