Authentic self

Sometimes the idea of being vulnerable, and authentic seem difficult. Sometimes we live between people who force us to be the person we don’t really want to be usually in the work place.

Sometimes we need to smile even if our hearts are broken and pretend to be the person we are not.

What about the question that everybody makes ” how are you” your answer is always the same I am fine Thank you, but this is truly what we want to say?

Of course we are not going to show and tell every body how we really feel but instead we could say… I am not in my good days thank you!

Maybe we can awaken the compassion of somebody else.

Are you showing up as your authentic self?

Or are you trying to fit into a mold of what you think you should be?

We are here in this planet in this present moment, we are on a journey with scars, with pain but we are here and we have to be grateful for what the present it is.

We need to be genuine, we need to learn to accept the pain to accept whatever situation is happening into our lives and live it, feel it experience it. Itmay be giving us signs of knowledge or helping us to improve areas in our life that have not been sorted.

Do we know where we are from? Do we know why we appeared to be in the other side of the world doing things we never expected?

Everything has its reason and is so powerful.

Being vulnerable is one of my favorite qualities because we are showing what we really are, we are showing what is our pain and accept it we become more compassionate because we know what pain is and that makes us stronger emotionally.

Show your true self, never be scared of saying the truth have passion for every situation you are going through and grow from that.

Always be loving and caring because you never know who is the person who is going to give you their hand to help.

Always be you never give up even if people turn around and leave you alone, keep walking straight and be proud of how amazing human being you are.

With love