Are frozen fruits and vegetable healthy?

Are frozen fruits and vegetables as healthy as fresh produce?

This is one of the questions I always wonder when I buy frozen veggies or fruits. I wonder If Im giving the right nutrients to my family. The frozen fruits and vegetables contain the same nutrients sometimes they are even more nutritious. But there is something you have to consider:

Frozen vegetables and fruits are more nutrient dense than fresh.

Sometimes viceversa but the difference is very small. If we think about the differences between a carrot or tomato that has been harvested from the farmer the same day , and the carrot that’s been traveling to the grocery store for days and weeks since nutrients change and the nutrients tend to disappear.

If you are thinking about making a salad or stir fry for that night the way to go would be going to the Farmers Market and buy your fresh food.

Don’t worry too much thinking how much amount of Vitamin C, Iron or Vitamin B12 there is between the fresh broccoli or the frozen peas. In the end of the day what matters is the amount of vegetables you eat everyday.

If you are like me and go shopping far ahead and stock up on things , frozen is a better option. The nutrients will remain sealed in and you can keep stuff in the freezer for a long time before they go bad.

What are the advantages of having frozen food?

Having frozen vegetables is very practical , because we don’t need to think about eating them the same day , we could make smoothies, or stir fry, or maybe a quick rice with some frozen veggies and some scrambled eggs for a quick Chinese rice. But if you are thinking about a serious dinner or lunch , the best and most nutrient rich will be the produce fresh from the farmers market.

My overall advice is to have frozen, nutrient dense produce in the freezer for when you need it. Then, buy local seasonal fresh produce each week for salads and sandwiches, and fresh fruits for snacks and lunchboxes for maximum nutrient content and deliciousness.