What to eat instead of sandwich or wrap.

Sesame Israeli couscous with 🌶 🍈🥒

Thinking what to cook for lunch? Tired of having a sandwich or a pie? What if we use this ingredient (Israeli couscous) instead of bread. I cook the Israeli couscous the same as I do when I make rice. 🍵1 cup of israeli couscous – 🍵🍵2 cups of water. Put this ingredients together in the rice cooker and is done. It takes less than 20 mins and is very delicious. Then add your favourite vegetables.
👉🏻Israeli couscous is a type of toasted pasta shaped like rice grains, it was developed in Israel in the 1950’s when rice was scarse.

💥high in Selenium , just 1 cup (157 grams) of couscous contains more than 60% of the recomended intake.
Selenium is an antioxidant that helps your body repair damaged cells and decreases inflamation. It also plays a role in tyroid health, protecting against damage and contributing to hormone production.
💥Lower the risk of heart disease by reducing inflamation and oxidative stress in your body.
💥May help lower cancer risk.
💥Boost your immune system , reduce inflamation and boost immunity by lowering oxidative stress in your body.
Good source of plant based protein , it provides 7grams of protein per cup
Diets high in plant based protein have been linked to a lower risk of stroke , cancer and heart disease.
It is important to consider people with gluten intolerance. Israeli couscous contains gluten so it wont be good option for those with these restrictions.
with gratitude.🌿

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