Why the COVID-19 has generated food insecurity and malnutrition? What are the solutions…

Are we learning to eat sustainable healthy food?

I am at the moment in a position where I don’t want to hear anymore about the pandemic. It has contaminated our way of living our happiness and our stability.

During the pandemic have been 2 factors that are affecting the way we are responding to the pandemic: Obesity and Food insecurity. How this 2 factors are determining the way our body respond to the virus?

1. Obesity. This is the result of lockdowns, levels of inactivity are in demand , Netflix and TV series, video games and more… what a better excuse of not doing anything at all , instead putting more weight on and eat ultra processed food. What about the lack of exercise, is there any motivation about going out , walk or run or even do indoor exercise?

Exercise at home , do yoga, stretch exercises , walk, run, skip jumps anything that make your heart beat.

OBESITY has been a health problem even before the pandemic, as consequence there are high number of hospitalisations, you guess who are the one who are hospitalized first. They are the one who has severe illness and death.

FOOD INSECURITY caused by lack of food supply, if there is not enough food, the prices will rise therefore people will end up buying high processed , cheap no nutritious food. There is no motivation of buying sustainable food (plant based) high in nutrients which is creating a higher susceptibility to Covid-19, especially with people with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, chronic illnesses that need attention regarding to food supply and food education. The other important aspect is considering families who have lost their jobs thanks to the lockdowns, this creates stress consequently the lack of information of what is good quality food at a good price is a big concern. are there any resources available? is there any kind of motivation from the media creating better habits?

Global Syndemic of COVID 19 is Obesity and Food Insecurity.

It is very important to educate families to about the consequences of the Obesity and Food Insecurity. I will start saying that the governments should promote healthier ways of avoiding Obesity with pamphlets about healthier, low cost, nutritious meals , tv commercials of healthy food instead of ultra processed , unhealthy food ( kfc,Mac Donald’s) 🤢. At schools , create parent meetings where they learn how to cook plant based food with low budget, more exercises routines , in this way we will be more prepare to cope with the virus.

How can we improve food security , by improving supply chain, decrease prices of healthy plant based food , reducing consumption of cows meat, to reduce gas emissions, maintaining workforce and encouraging cooking classes at supermarkets and schools.

Being healthy is a habit that is learn from early ages.

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