About me

Hi, I’m Lili a Colombian city girl living in a small town in New Zealand. I am a Holistic Nutritionist and an educator with big dreams.
I am a hopeless romantic who loves flowers and ballads in Spanish from the 80s. Most days you can find me in my yoga pants with a cup of coffee with m&m’s chocolates, sit in my little office in front of the computer. Dreaming about how I am going to make my own business.
My four sons are my rock. A type 1 diabetes diagnosis in one of my boys when he was just 2, rekindled my passion in the world of nutrition. This knowledge I extend it to the rest of the family as I believe that by creating good habits in the family is the guarantee of having a prosperous happy and positive life.
I work with individuals and families who need help with changing food habits or
  1. Struggled to introduce new healthy food in their diet.
  2. Looking for ways to lose weight without dieting.
  3. Feel the desire to feel more energised, happier and lighter.
  4. Would like to try new healthy meal plans based in plant-based, whole food, vegetarian or vegan diets.
  5. Concern about their digestive system, IBS, Immune disease, diabetes, cardiovascular, cholesterol or high blood pressure.
  6. Cannot figure it out how to make healthy menus for the family, healthy lunchboxes and still eat some sweets and treats from time to time.
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