About me

Hola a todos;

Hello everyone;

First of all, I want to welcome you to my website. Thank you so much for dropping in and taking the time to read my story. I am originally from Bogota Colombia, living in New Zealand for more than 12 years. I have a Bachelor Degree in Sciences with a title of Dietitian and Nutritionist from my hometown Bogota. When I finished my career I worked in a very small clinic specialised in Cardiovascular Diseases for just 6 months, and because my salary was low, I decided to change my path and I had an offer to work for a Pharmaceutical company, selling milk formulas for babies as well as other medicines. While I was working there, I had a dream of being a boss or the marketing manager so I did a Master in Marketing. I enjoyed so much what I learned but it was not enough to get e better position in that company. After three years I quit this company and went to study overseas.
I went to study to Spain , specifically in The Canary Islands. Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, geographically located near Africa but belonging to Spain and once I arrived I started and finished an MBA (Master in Business Administration).
It was very challenging because some of the classes were in English and my English was very bad. I had to work at the same time.
After a year I got married to a lovely Spanish man and we travelled to New Zealand together to start a family.

I was concentrated in having a happy family, cooking, doing housework and keep the family together.
It was a big change for me to come to New Zealand because it is so far away from home, it is  an English speaking Country so I had to learn forcibly but I was kind of excited with the big changes and challenges.
When we arrived in New Zealand , we lived in the countryside, another big change after being a city girl. We had alpacas, dogs, chickens, pig. A lovely and peaceful life.

My family started to grow. My first son was born in Spain , my second son was born  three years after and with the desire of having a girl , I got pregnant and oh suprise! I had twins boys so I am a fortunate mother of four beautiful sons.
Unfortunately one of the challenges I have had to live was having one of my four sons with Type 1 Diabetes. He was diagnosed when he was just 2 years old. Fortunately, my knowledge in Nutrition has helped me to create habits for the whole family as I know exactly how the diet works. I would love to share our experiences with other parents as there is misinformation so If you are one of the parents with kids with Diabetes or you are Diabetic yourself I will be able to help and support you.

After 10 years my marriage broke up, I was lost and unsure what to do with my life as a single mum, not financial security and with a part-time job in a bank.
I was depressed, worried, very lost so stopped one day and asked myself. What can I do to find my own happiness? Where should I go? Going back to Colombia or better stay and do what I love. But what do I love?
So last year I was looking online and I found an American Online School called. Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I was reading their curriculum and listening friends experiences so I enrolled myself and decided to start my journey as Nutritionist again. Yey!
and I am so happy and excited to do what I have a passion for.
The approach that I have in Nutrition is completely different.Nutrition in a Holistic way.I finished my studies last September 2017 and I hold a badge which means that I am certified Health and Nutrition Coach.


I used to study everything with numbers, doing lots of diets and calculation of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, after studying with IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) I see Nutrition in a Holistic way is very profound, talks about the people and everything related to it. I love it. This is definitely a compliment to my Nutrition studies.

The Insitute of Integrative Nutrition taught me about primary food, Relationships, Spirituality, Exercise and Career. If we have this in balance our secondary food, the plate of food will result in balance and happiness.
There is no point of having a healthy diet when you have zero practice of spirituality when you don’t have enough time to exercise.
I am so looking forward to starting working with you, to share my passion, my knowledge, my personal experiences, I will help you to achieve your goals, I don’t want you to feel like you are fighting your own battle. I am here for you, I will guide you and I will support you on your own journey to achieve the best version of yourself.
Every person is different, therefore in my consultation I will see you as an individual, looking at your diet and lifestyle habits I will study every area in your primary food, along with my nutritional advice, I will be able to create new habits, healthy menus, easy recipes, and practical tips to explore and have a natural and happy life.
I will customize a wellness plan to suit your needs and lifestyle.

I don’t believe in diets, but I believe in good habits. Habits are created at early ages. I always remember living in Colombia, we rarely eat away from home. Always eat vegetables and soups, my mom used to make her own keffir so I was stuffed of having it every day that I ended up sharing it with my friends. hahaha, I did not know a number of nutritional benefits it has. As parents, we have to create good habits to our kids so they can spread the world and be an example to their generations.

I am as well part of the Holistic Nutrition Hub so I have the resources to get you inspired in your journey to get better health and nutrition.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.38.51 PM.png

I can’t wait to get to know you and inspire you in all your personal journeys.


With light and love.

Andrea xxx

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