The Spanish tortilla (tortilla de patatas in Spain) is widely eaten in Spain and some Spanish Speaking Countries. While there are numerous regional variations ,the basic version is made only with eggs and potatoes, and possibly onion. The addition of the onion is often controversial and usually related to the tenderness of the local varieties of potatoes . To avoid confusions some restaurants distinguish between the plain tortilla de patatas con cebolla (with onion).

All the essencial ingredients are in this recipe, with the variation of not having much oil in it. I did not flip it over like the real Spanish people as is very complicated so I decided to put it in the oven so the tortilla is soft, and healthier.

The tortilla can be eaten cold or hot, you can mix it with tuna or green peas, you can take it to picnics or lunchboxes. As a tapa , it may be cut into bite size pieces and served on cocktail sticks .

Give me any comments.

My boys love this tortilla very much, hope you can share it with your family and friends.

Love and light .




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