Why we should teach our kids to have chia seeds

Chia seeds important source of protein, and fibre , omega 3 , magnesium and calcium. Provides high levels of energy for active kids.

Why do we need fiber ? What kind of fiber should I have?

We often hear the term fiber. I need more fiber, I am constipated, I need to have more of this and that. But what is fiber, why is it so important to have in our daily meals and how much is enough. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. Though mostContinue reading “Why do we need fiber ? What kind of fiber should I have?”

Como el veganismo ha cambiado la vida de mi hijo con Diabetes tipo 1

Soy Lili Nutricionista Holistica, mi objetivo es educar para conseguir una vida mas saludable. No es importante solo el plato de comida , es importante todo el entorno, como las relaciones interpersonales, el ejercicio, la parte espiritual , las horas de sueno y la carrera o el colegio en caso de los ninos. Soy apasionadaContinue reading “Como el veganismo ha cambiado la vida de mi hijo con Diabetes tipo 1”

Do you know what is the healthiest kind of sugar?

When I was growing up in Colombia, I remember going with my family to the Cane sugar plantations. Wow!It was amazing to see how they extract the sugars from this amazing trees. Back in years, I did not care about the number of calories a gram of sugar it has but I just remember theContinue reading “Do you know what is the healthiest kind of sugar?”

Life, family and Diabetes.

November is the awareness month of Diabetes. We are trying to get funds to find the cure for the lifelong condition called DIABETES, through the Spinal Cord Society. I try don’t think much about this but when I want to have a mindful moment, when the kids are in bed or one of those daysContinue reading “Life, family and Diabetes.”

In the beginning of November…

I cannot believe we are already in November. Every year seems to go faster I dont know If it is because we are busier in our  life or because we are just getting older and taking live seriously. Halloween just happened and I am surprise to see how New Zelanders are enjoying this American tradition.Continue reading “In the beginning of November…”