This big, juicy, sweet and creamy fruit 🥑 from Latin America.

This month is the Hispanic Heritage Month so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one of the most popular fruits in my home town Bogota-Colombia. I am very proud Colombian, living in New Zealand. I have lived here for more than 15 years and I remember the first couple of years whenContinue reading “This big, juicy, sweet and creamy fruit 🥑 from Latin America.”

Como disfrutar la navidad sin olvidar nuestra salud.

Se han hecho esta pregunta… voy hacer más organizada este año? Voy a comprar los regalos por adelantado ? no me voy a estresar? Bueno mis queridos amigos , aquí les voy a dar algunos consejitos , que les pueden ayudar a tener unas vacaciones o una navidad menos agitada. Toma el control de tuContinue reading “Como disfrutar la navidad sin olvidar nuestra salud.”

What If … Exercise 20 minutes a day…

In my last post I wrote about exercising, why is so important to move our bodies. Our bodies are made for movement, a gentle movement a fast movement whatever way makes you feel good. It is important to create good habits with exercising otherwise it will become a tedious thing to do. Exercising does notContinue reading “What If … Exercise 20 minutes a day…”

I keep asking myself … Why do I exercise?

I remember when I was a teenager and the worries that I had with my weight. I had flat feet so I walked in a funny way and my knees were sore ,making lots of noises , I was a chubby teenager .One day my mum took me to the orthopedist and he said thatContinue reading “I keep asking myself … Why do I exercise?”