This big, juicy, sweet and creamy fruit 🥑 from Latin America.

This month is the Hispanic Heritage Month so I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one of the most popular fruits in my home town Bogota-Colombia. I am very proud Colombian, living in New Zealand. I have lived here for more than 15 years and I remember the first couple of years whenContinue reading “This big, juicy, sweet and creamy fruit 🥑 from Latin America.”

Cooking and eating at home. But are you eating clean?

Eating clean in this time of scarcity. With the pandemic , we have been forced to eat better , does this mean healthier?

How to create a perfect healthy Party Platter

Have you ever been invited to a party and you don’t know what to bring? Or are you planning to do a party at Christmas day and you don’t know what to do? Making a healthy platter is an art especially if is about to put healthy ingredients all together. If you can master theContinue reading “How to create a perfect healthy Party Platter”

Is colourful food better than white food?

Let’s talk about colours and the level of antioxidants in the food. The meaning of Antioxidant is oxidation or elimination or getting rid of free radicals in your body. The free radicals in our body are caused for stress, overweight, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep or simply genetic. This is the reason why we shouldContinue reading “Is colourful food better than white food?”

Do you know what is the healthiest kind of sugar?

When I was growing up in Colombia, I remember going with my family to the Cane sugar plantations. Wow!It was amazing to see how they extract the sugars from this amazing trees. Back in years, I did not care about the number of calories a gram of sugar it has but I just remember theContinue reading “Do you know what is the healthiest kind of sugar?”