Why we should teach our kids to have chia seeds

Chia seeds important source of protein, and fibre , omega 3 , magnesium and calcium. Provides high levels of energy for active kids.

Cooking and eating at home. But are you eating clean?

Eating clean in this time of scarcity. With the pandemic , we have been forced to eat better , does this mean healthier?

Why do we need fiber ? What kind of fiber should I have?

We often hear the term fiber. I need more fiber, I am constipated, I need to have more of this and that. But what is fiber, why is it so important to have in our daily meals and how much is enough. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. Though mostContinue reading “Why do we need fiber ? What kind of fiber should I have?”

Como disfrutar la navidad sin olvidar nuestra salud.

Se han hecho esta pregunta… voy hacer más organizada este año? Voy a comprar los regalos por adelantado ? no me voy a estresar? Bueno mis queridos amigos , aquí les voy a dar algunos consejitos , que les pueden ayudar a tener unas vacaciones o una navidad menos agitada. Toma el control de tuContinue reading “Como disfrutar la navidad sin olvidar nuestra salud.”