When you meet amazing people in your life…

Celebrating friendship.

I am in Dresden Germany with my eldest son , visiting my brother who lives here and who I have not seen in more than 9 years, my loving mother is here as well, making this getting together even more special, she had to flight from Colombia.

My heart was beating fast and even the feeling of tiredness disappeared as I was so excited to this meeting. I live in New Zealand , you can imagine how long it took us to be here.

My brother introduced us, to a wonderful couple , their names are Ines and Jens , they both are in their late forties, they’re both Germans. I really wanted to have the experience of being and enjoy this beautiful country culture.

Ines and Jens , invited us to not just one day, but two to give us special attention and a taste of Germany.

Saturday; they took us to a big castle for a tour, then they invited us to have cake and coffee, and to end the day they invited us to a traditional bbq. I’ve never seen so much food and the combination of delicious vegetarian food,

Inés prepared a delicious vegetarian recipe that I want to share with you.

It’s perfect for a summer bbq. So easy to make.

I ended up sleeping on a chair after so much food on the table. How wonderful to meet people like this.

Halloumi with vegetables on the bbq

In a foil paper , put a bit of olive oil, make a layer of onions and tomato.

On top of this put a portion of Halloumi cheese and to end, put your favourite herbs like basil and coriander.

Make sure the foil paper is nice and tight and put it on the bbq for about 10 Mins.

It’s ready for you! The perfect halloumi with vegetables on the grill.

But this is not all, on Sunday we were invited to another castle , from Ines and Jens( the same wonderful people), then straight to a traditional fish restaurant where we ate a lot! I think my clothes are not fitting anymore 😦 I forgot to mention the photo session at every stop!We went to have a visit to a couple of castles in a place called Meissen and to end our day, can you guess what we ate…

Cakes , coffee and beer:)

Perfect combination

This is to remember

You never know when you can find friends for life. Those people who open the doors from their homes, who open their hearts to receive yours, who give you their time and spend every little bit of it to make you happy!!

They are a treasure! I could not believe what wonderful people they were. I live very isolated, people don’t share very much, people don’t open their hearts much and receiving so much love from unknown people is MAGIC , magic for the heart and magic for the soul.

We need more people like this in the world! If we do the world will transform!



Autumn the colour of hope.

Time for Inner exploration

I have realised recently that energy and stress are two of the biggest obstacles we face in reaching out your goals of health. I was working so much during summertime, kids holidays etc that I have reached the point of exhaustion. I was not very excited when the first of March arrived, our first day of Autumnn. I wanted to think that we were living in a little piece of hot paradise; I loved summer very much , but I have to say that I have not stopped taking pictures of the sky on fire, the amazing orange, red, pink and blue sky in the mornings and even the amazing sunsets.One of the beauties of Qt is having the pleasure of enjoying every season with its different emotions, smells and colours.Interestingly I have seen some of my friends going through depression, sadness, or not good quality sleep, even starting having colds and flu. Not motivation whatsoever.Do you see yourself identified ?I don’t want to say that this beautiful season is bringing people down but I would like to take note about what is happening. After having amazing time during the summer season, it is time to stop and take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, is our responsibility. In other worlds by taking care of ourselves first, we can look after anybody around us, we can give the best advice and we can give the love to the ones we live the most or our close friends who may need a little bit of help.When we make one healthy and positive choice, you open the door to one additional one. What is your new choice now?Have you being generous to everybody but not generous to yourself. I am sorry but we have to start making little changes. I have been helping lately to my friends emotionally when I am not in my hundred percent and I don’t feel good at all. This is why I feel exhausted I need to start eating healthier and maybe drop a couple of kilos that I have put on lately.I feel terrible because I did not do enough exercise during summer time and I think I’m paying the consequence.One lady in her middle sixties came to my workplace and she said something that I want to share… She said… You really need to move or do any kind of exercise otherwise when you get to my age you won’t be able to move and your joins will be stiff and sore so remember this. Any kind of gentle or strong exercise is good not just for the present moment, is good for your future, the rest of your life.Stress is constant in our lives, everybody experiences a different level so this is why is important to check on ourselves, check our levels of performance and productivity and the duration of it.What happen when our body is under stress? The body produces more energy to handle the stressful event or even by having to handle someone else’s problem.We need to understand what stress can cause in our body and our emotional state. If the stress is allowed to build with no release it will rob the body good nutrients, and the energy and the capacity to fight off bugs. The following are some tips to help you to reduce the amount of stress.– Practice the exercise of your preference but move. Between 30 mins to one hour. – Breathe help you to reduce stress – Take at least 5 mins to meditate or pray if you prefer and be grateful for the wonderful things around you. – Listen to your favourite music. If you come from another country like me, put on your favourite music and sing out loud. – Have a lovely bath with Epsom salts to give you relaxation and good minerals to your skin. – Always be surrounded by positive people!

What are the nutrients that give you happiness or improve your nervous system ?

Magnesium is good to reduce, stress, relaxing the muscles and eliminating cramps.Echinacea, boost your immune system give you energy.Vitamin B, this vitamins are vital to reduce levels of stress in your body.Garlic, anti-inflammatory and boost your immune system.The most important person is YOU, remember to stop, think and check internally how you feel and take note of the changes you have to make. I would like to share my Autumn salad. Hope you like it. This combination of autumn ingredients is the perfect combination of salty, sweet, sour and savory.You won’t want to eating this salad… It’s so good!AUTUMNSALAD Ingredients1 bag of baby spinach1 cup very thinly cut of red onion1/2 cup of dried cranberries1 cup of raw walnuts1 cup of apple cored and thinly sliced1 cup of crumbled cheeseDressing1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil1/4 cup balsamic vinagretteSalt and pepperToss the spinach with the red onions, cranberries, walnuts, the apple and the blue cheese.Then add the vinaigrette and voila!! Blessings!Andreap

Sugar free Matcha pudding

The most powerful Green tea in the world now in a form of dessert.

It is very healthy, detoxifying , cleanser and has a delicious taste.

Serve Matcha pudding with Berry fruits and Greek yoghurt in the morning or afternoon tea, with family and friends.

Write me any comments and tell me what you think.

With light and love!


What If … Exercise 20 minutes a day…

In my last post I wrote about exercising, why is so important to move our bodies. Our bodies are made for movement, a gentle movement a fast movement whatever way makes you feel good. It is important to create good habits with exercising otherwise it will become a tedious thing to do. Exercising does not mean go to the gym and lift heavy weights, and running on the treadmill for 40 mins until you feel exhausted, exercising is even more than this. It means waking along your neighbourhood, it means walking the dog along a river or the beach, is doing yoga at your place, is skipping rope, is doing a session of abdominals for 20 mins. Move, move and move, is free it can be done anywhere.

Be mindful when you exercise. Exercising does not mean going shopping and walking around a mall, exercise means , put your active wear on, put your headphones on If you like music and DISCONNECT and ENGAGE with your own being. Breath deeply and exhale, enjoy every inhalation and every exhalation, If you go outside, appreciate everything around you. The trees, the cars, the people,

stop and look at the birds. Smile to people who walk and be grateful for the moment you are taking for yourself.

If you are a little bit more active go for a RUN. Running has amazing benefits and is free. Advantages of RUNNING.

Is for free, you can go on your own or with your best friends, it will improve your energy levels, the level of your endorphins will increase, so no more mood changes, happiness any time, improve circulation, increase metabolism so you will burn fat easily. Improve self-esteem and you can do it anytime anywhere.

One of the good things about running is that create a good  ADDICTION. Once you start running you want to keep running more and more.

Give it a try and start running slow and see what happens, twenty minutes is good enough.


( High-Intensity Interval Training) is just for 20 minutes. Their group of exercises which combine different intervals of resistance, speed and make you change the rhythm of your heart, therefore, your metabolism will increase so you will be sweating very much burning fat, the bone mass will increase so you physically will be stronger. The more you do it the better you will become. This kind of exercise is amazing and combined with 20 mins of running is as complete as going to the gym for 2 hours. You can do it at home and at any time.

You can try to find tutorials of how to practice HIIT at home in YOUTUBE.


Of course skipping rope is one of the most practical and easy exercises we can do at home. With just 20 mins we can burn 200 calories which means the same as running for 40 minutes. It increases the metabolism, improve coordination, balance, tone and muscle strength.

You can skip rope in any way you prefer, by using 2 legs or combined one leg, the speed is up to you and you can even play with your kids. Is not important to jump as high as you can, it has to be the way you prefer. Different ways to exercise at home.


Try this easy recipe, I love them and so healthy. You will feel new again.


  • 4 celery sticks
  • 1 apple
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 2 cups of water
  • Put the ingredients in the blender and DRINK UP.


  • 2 cups of coconut water
  • 1 Tbsp of chia
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • 1 tbs of honey
  • Put ingredients in the blender and DRINK UP.

What I want to create with this article is creating good habits of health, beauty and fitness. There are lots of ways to look after ourselves and this means loving ourselves and loving our little families.  , and the easy ways to move our bodies,  the idea of this article is creating

There is nothing more encouraging for children that seeing mum doing exercise, looking after ourselves is inspiring for them.

I remember a couple years ago I joined a women soccer team here in Queenstown and I had the opportunity to play against my eldest son who is thirteen now. So we were running around the field laughing out loud and having so much fun. We are creating wonderful memories not just for them, for us too and creating family habits in many ways.

So go with your kids and family for walks, for a run, to play basketball at the park, walk the dog or skipping rope or just put a HITT video tutorial on your TV or computer exercise together. Remember to have fun!


You can choose from one of this options.

  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup of berries
  • I handful of dried fruits
  • 1 handful of nuts
  • 1 protein bar



  • Protein Shake
  • Banana
  • Cottage cheese on top of a wholemeal cracker.
  • Greek yoghurt with a tsp of honey
  • Lean protein like a boiled egg, chicken, chicken ham or cheese
  • Have 2 cups of green tea as hot drinks keep you full and warm and wait until your next meal.
  • Water must be drunk without solids, as the ph of the water is different to the ph of our body so the digestion will be imbalanced.