Invitation from an unknown.

I am in Dresden Germany with my eldest son , visiting my brother who lives here and who I have not seen in more than 9 years, my loving mother is here too making this getting together even more special! My heart was beating hard and the tiredness in my eyes was impossible to hide after 32 hours between countries and airports. I live in New Zealand.

It has been the most awaited get-together, I cannot believe we finally made it. Last year my brother was seriously ill and I could not come, very busy being a single mother of four sons and because of my tight finances.

My brother introduced us, to a wonderful couple , their names are Ines and Jens , they both are in their late fifties, they’re both Germans. I thought Germans were serious, strict and maybe a little bit arrogant but surprisingly they have changed my opinion about cultures and people.

This couple invited us to not just one day, but two to give us special attention, Saturday; they took us to a big castle for a tour, then invited us to have cake and coffee, and to end going to a very traditional German house for a traditional bbq. I’ve never seen so much food and delicious vegetarian food, so I will share with you.

I ended up sleeping on a chair after so much food on the table. How wonderful to meet people like this.

This is a very easy recipe that I learned that weekend.

Halloumi on the grill with vegetables

In a foil paper , put a bit of olive oil, make a layer of onions and tomato. On top of this put a portion of Halloumi cheese and to end, put your favourite herbs like basil, chives, coriander.

Make sure the foil paper is nice and tight and put it on the bbq for about 10 Mins.

It’s ready for you! The perfect halloumi with vegetables on the grill.

But this is not all, on Sunday we were invited to another castle , from Ines and Jens( the same wonderful people), then straight to a traditional fish restaurant were we ate a lot! I think my clothes are not fitting anymore 😦 I forgot to mention the photo session at every stop!

Then we went to have a visit to a couple of castles in a place called Meissen and to end our day, can you guess what we ate…

Cakes , coffee and beer:)

I just want to say that you never know when you can find friends for life. Those people who open the doors from their homes, who open their hearts to receive yours, who give you their time and spend every little bit of it to make you happy!!

They are a treasure! I could not believe what wonderful people they were. I live very isolated, people don’t share very much, people don’t open their hearts much and receiving so much love from unknown people is MAGIC , magic for the heart and magic for the soul.

We need more people like this in the world! If we do the world will transform!

Treat people the way you would like to be treated and enjoy every single bite with this treasures who can change your life forever!



Carrot and apple glow juice

When I was a child living in my hometown Bogota, it was a ritual to have an orange juice for breakfast.

The oranges in my country are the cheapest and they are all year long available as you know Colombia don’t have seasons, we have dry months and rainy months but not winter or summer.

We have tropical weather so we are very lucky to have this fruit full of antioxidants all year long.

My father used to make this juice by hand but later in years a juicer and blenders came up.

So the normal orange juice turned into new tastes and flavours.

My dad used to wake up early in the morning and bring the juice to our beds… so special!

Now that I’m older have such beautiful memories about my childhood and the good habits we created with little things.

Back in years, having a juicer was a novelty , it was so cool to put everything green and some fruits from the fridge out and laid them all on the kitchen counter.

We experimented a lot , some juices were bitter or very acid or very sour or too thick.

It is hard to find a good combination.

But one day this combination made me change my mind and from then on I started to liked it a lot. This combination is

Carrot and Apple and orange.

The juice was so sweet and refreshing.

I loved it so much that one day I turned a bit orange.

Why do I call it GlowJuice?

Because of the combination of antioxidants. Carrots contain the antioxidant Beta carotene which turns into Vitamin A in our bodies. Vitamin A helps form and maintain healthy skin and improve vision. Orange contains Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant specific to improve immunity and improve the collagen in our skin and he lovely apple that give us natural sugars.

Together this juice will keep you Glowing.

I don’t recommend to have this juice more than one serving a day. There is so much natural sugar in it as well as betacarotene that will have you turning orange just like I did as a kid.

It’s harmless and will go away as soon as you stop consuming the juice, but keep that in mind.

People use juices in different ways. Some do cleanses, and in my personal opinion I like juices for complement our healthy diets, instead of being a replacement for whole foods .

In my personal experience , I prefer to chew fresh food and being mindful about the food I am putting into my mouth than a smoothie or a juice , but in a hot day or after a workout I will definitely will have a glow juice like this and even before I go to work.

My kids love this juice very much so say …

Good morning darlings with a good and healthy smoothie.

See my notes below for my juicing tips.




  • Large organic carrots
  • 1 organic apple
  • 1 orange quarter and peeled orange
  • Any juicer or blender


Place the ingredients into the juicer and I will add 1/4 of water, mix and enjoy.



Rinse your fruits and vegetables well, but don’t worry about peeling the skins as long as you are using organic.I do peel the skin of citrus as the contain really bitter oils.

Now oranges are in season so …make the most of them.

Perfect start of the day for our kids.

The simplest juices the better!